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Do you feel overwhelmed by belongings, unfinished projects and/or never-ending to-dos? Maybe you’re a busy professional stuck in an eat-sleep-work-repeat cycle, or a stay-at-home-mom drowning in clutter. It’s no surprise that mess equals stress. But it's more than that. You don’t have to look hard to see the impact that physical and digital clutter has on your mental health and productivity.

It's time to get organized! My passion lies in identifying organizational and productivity opportunities and I work virtually with individuals looking to regain control of their home, digital space and life. You deserve more energy, more time, more freedom and less stress… a mind at ease.


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Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Service

Receive a personalized step-by-step organizing guide based on your space, needs and lifestyle—includes a 60 minute kickoff call, two email check-ins, space planning suggestions and product recommendations

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Done-For-You (DFY) Service

Go digital with ease! Organize, streamline and sync your digital space (email inbox, calendar, tasks, finances, documents, photos, etc.) and create personalized routines/schedules to maximize productivity

"My session with Marissa was just what I needed. She provided advice on how to sort through my sentimental items and when to get rid of superfluous things in my overstuffed bedroom closet. It looks so fresh and renewed! Her solutions are practical and simple. She is very professional and easy to work with. I can't wait to tackle other problem areas in my home with her!" 

- Stephanie M.