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You initiated a start-up company from concept to vision to fulfill a passion. And now? You find yourself stuck in the mundane tasks of entrepreneurship. Between managing projects, onboarding clients and keeping up with new technology, you aren’t spending as much time as you would like on the growth of your company. In fact, you seem to be spending more time IN your business than ON your business these days. Sound familiar? 


It's time to optimize your productivity and make your online tools work for YOU! Whether you’re looking to automate your online operations with a new CRM, streamline internal processes, or simply want a highly-resourceful, ongoing learner in your corner, I am your girl. Specializing in tech support, workflow management and project/event management for online-based business owners, this customized done-for-you (DFY) service, will have you reaping the benefits of increased productivity and profitability in no time. 

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Setup and manage backend tech operations (determine best tools, leverage current programs, automate key systems, etc.) to improve efficiency and scale your business

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Document and organize common business processes (create workflows, SOPs, handbooks, training manuals, etc.) to streamline your internal operations and save you time

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Organize components of ongoing tasks, projects and/or events (launches, marketing campaigns, virtual events, etc.) to ensure goals are met on time and on budget

"Marissa is responsible for many different aspects of [my] business. She is hard working, organized, cares deeply about others and is always open to learning new systems and processes. She is a pleasure to work with." 

- Cara P.