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When I was a little girl and would get sent to my room for misbehaving, I would organize. Like literally take everything out of my drawers and put them back in a way that made more sense. I was the kid who picked out an outfit the night before school, made my bed every morning and had colour coordinated binders lined in my backpack in order of my class schedule. While my organizing strategies have changed and evolved over the years, the feeling of contentment that a tidy space brings me has always remained the same. As I entered adulthood, I began to realize the positive impact that organization was having on my life, and most importantly, my mental health and well-being.

In all honesty, I believe my systems and organizational habits were formed in response to my tendency to get overwhelmed easily. A coping mechanism, so to speak. You know the minor stressors, or rather, daily inconveniences that you’re supposed to just shrug off? Like running late because you can’t find your car keys, or showing up somewhere only to realize you forgot something? Yep, they would stress me out. I hated the feeling of not being in control of my belongings or my environment and put systems in place to help manage my mental health.

As I got older, I began to realize it wasn’t just the physical clutter that stressed me out. It was the calendar overflowing with social obligations that I didn’t want to attend, the unhealthy relationships, the lack of systems at work. Sure enough, I was able to apply some of the same organizing principles that I used on my home, to my business and my life. As I decluttered, simplified and removed distractions, I had more energy, more freedom, more time and less stress. Organizing always put my mind at ease. That's why organization matters.

And now? I am here for it. I have defined my why, committed myself to living intentionally and can confidently remove anything that stands in the way of living the life I want to live. I spend my time with the people who matter most, doing things that make my soul happy.

If you’re here for it too, let's connect! I would love to help you experience the unbusy freedom of living more simply.

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